Follow the leader

1 SAMUEL‬ ‭10:26-27‬. “Saul also went home to Gibeah; and the brave men whose hearts God had touched went with him. But some worthless men said, “How can this man save and rescue us?” And they regarded Saul with contempt and did not bring him a gift. But he ignored the insult and kept silent.”
First impressions are everything. We judge people in an instant. We formulate opinions at the slightest misstep and pettiness. With that in mind, what would our thoughts be if the first action after hearing the introduction of the new king we all were crying for is finding him hiding amongst the baggage? 
He wasn’t even bold enough to meet with the crowds. The Bible states that there were some worthless men, riffraff, and scoundrels who were not impressed. 
Would I be among the worthless fellows that didn’t buy into this hype and fanfare? Would I despise this new appointee? 
God in His divine nature sends a band of valiant men that have Saul’s back. 
Every leader needs God appointed people who regardless of public perception and contrary to popular opinion stand by them. 
How does this happen? Supernaturally! 
God has to change their hearts!  
It’s hard enough to be the first to do something I’m sure Saul turning around and seeing that he doesn’t have to make the trip home alone was comforting. 
Father God, if it takes a supernatural touch from you to follow those whom you choose, then Father touch and change my heart towards the leadership that you have appointed. 
May I be a help, and not a hindrance, help me to be valiant and supportive so that when my leader turns around it’s not to a crowd of riffraff, this but it’s to valiant man.

Author: soulkandysite

Husband, father, grandPops and friend.

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