Unconscious habits, and repetitive tasks require little thought and planning.

There are certain things that I like doing which require little forethought and planning. Perhaps because I have done them so long or have become accustomed to them that there is a flow, an almost instinctive nature as I complete each task.

I'm sure there are also tasks and projects you can totally accomplish without putting too much thought into them.

I was watching my wife do the dishes after breakfast this morning. I was still sitting at the bar drinking my coffee. She was washing them and looking out the window, with her tongue out of her mouth. She looked like Michael Jordan when he was about to drive down the lane and fly past his opponents as he glided above the rim.
Unconscious habits, and repetitive tasks require little thought and planning.

Here the writer is saying, you need a plan, and there is an order when doing things… Plant the field, THEN work on the barn!

We put on our socks BEFORE we put on our shoes. We disrobe BEFORE we climb into the bathtub. We study BEFORE we take the test, We look for the best deal BEFORE we make a large purchase, and most importantly we check the lawn for, fallen limbs, dog toys and "poop" BEFORE we proceed to cut the grass. (Don't ask!) Some might say, "Why NOT build the barn first, what's wrong with that?" Well the answer would be in the time you are taking (notice I didn't say wasting) to build your barn. The wheat seeds could begin its cycle from Germination, Seedling, Tillering, Stem elongation, Booting, Heading, Flowering, Milk, Dough, and finally Ripening.

👆🏼 All that takes time ⏰. So, what is it that is on your mind to do? Have you put much thought into it? Hopefully this is just a reminder to have a plan, think it out and then be ready for great results.
Here is to a bountiful Harvest! -SoulKANDY

Author: soulkandysite

Husband, father, grandPops and friend.

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